Workshops (Friday)

Technical Workshops will be held on Friday July 7, to provide a high technical content during the week of the ICOLD Annual Meeting. Three parallel sessions will be held. The Workshops will be presented by Czech, Regional and International experts and adequate provision will be made for discussion by the attendees.

TW1 – Survey of International Dam Safety Risk Approaches and Practices

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to hear first-hand from country representatives regarding dam safety risk analysis practices and risk approaches currently being used in their country. An overview of these international practices would provide attendees an opportunity to hear from each country representative about their risk practices and evaluate which approaches might work best for their situation.

Presentations in PDF format

TW2 – Specific Traits of Small Reservoirs and Dams

There are over 20 000 small reservoirs in Czech Republic and the workshop aims at sharing local experience with design and management of these structures in context of advanced technologies of 21st century. 

TW3 – Climate Change and Resilience

The World Bank has commissioned a study to develop a set of resilience guidelines for climate change and natural disasters in the hydropower & dams sector. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide practical and workable ‘international best practice’ guidance for incorporating climate and disaster risk management into hydropower project appraisal, design, construction and operation. The World Bank is partnering with ICOLD to host this workshop to present preliminary findings of the study and to discuss the issues of climate change and resilience in the hydropower and dams sectors.

TW4 – Internal Erosion in Dams and their Foundations

Internal erosion is one of the most common causes of failures of water retaining embankment hydraulic structures like dams, levees, etc. The aim of the workshop is to share knowledge and latest findings in the field and also to develop a link between ICOLD community and professionals integrated within the European Working Group on Internal Erosion in Dams and their Foundations.

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TW5 – Physical and Numerical Modelling – Role and Limits

The workshop focuses on practical examples of recent projects while addressing the important issue of limits and roles of both numerical and physical modelling in modern design and operation of hydraulic structures.

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TW6 – Workshop of the Technical Committee on Dam Safety

The Committee will present draft documents focusing on “Development of a dam safety regulatory framework” and “Development of generic dam safety guidelines”. Both documents aim at providing assistance and guidance for developing legal and regulatory frameworks for dam safety. Secondly, the presentation on the Global Comparative Assessment of the Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Dam Safety Management being carried out by the World Bank with support from the University of South Australia. The Study is based on an assessment of the legal, regulatory and institutional arrangements from 51 country case studies representing a broader, diverse set of countries with varying economic, political and cultural circumstances with recommendations for dam safety programs.