TW6 – Workshop of the Technical Committee on Dam Safety

1. The Committee will present draft documents focusing on

- Development of a dam safety regulatory framework
- Development of generic dam safety guidelines 

Both documents aim at providing assistance and guidance for developing legal and regulatory frameworks for dam safety as well as the guidance on how to develop appropriate dam safety programs in countries which at the present do not have these arrangements in place. Both documents will address the needs of individual countries as well as the case of multilateral arrangements for dams on transboundary rivers. 

2. Presentation on the Global Comparative Assessment of the Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Dam Safety Management being carried out by the World Bank with support from the University of South Australia. The Study is based on an assessment of the legal, regulatory and institutional arrangements from 51 country case studies representing a broader, diverse set of countries with varying economic, political and cultural circumstances with recommendations for dam safety programs which will be jointly presented by the World Bank and University of South Australia.