• Invitation (M. Broucek + J. Hodak)
  • Malm, R. (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
    Guideline for finite element analysis
  • Sevieri, G. (TU Braunschweig & University of Florence)
    Seismic assessment of existing concrete gravity dams: Model selection and
    uncertainties quantification
  • Höll, J. (VD – TBD, inc.)
    3D spillway numerical modelling in OpenFOAM
  • Yang, J. (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
    The Tale of an Intake Vortex and its Mitigation Countermeasure
  • Haselsteiner, R. (Björnsen Consulting Engineers)
    Fish passages in Germany – Numerical Modelling and Projects
  • Mool, P. (IHE Delft, Institute for Water Education)
    Delft3D morphological modeling of sediment management in daily peaking
    run-of-the-river hydropower (PROR) reservoirs in Nepal
  • Kupriianov, V., Shakirov, R.
    Vortex spillway with energy dissipation along the tunnel
  • Broucek, M. (CTU in Prague)
    Dam engineering modelling projects at CTU in Prague - Lessons learned