Study Tours

Delegates and accompanying persons will be able to choose from the post-meeting study tours listed below. The tours have been chosen to provide a balance between technical, cultural and touristic interest.

ST A – Prague – Olomouc – Ostrava

Departure: 08:30 

Day 1 You will start your journey with the departure from Prague. The first stop will be the visit of Želivka – Švihov earthfill dam and reservoir, which is the most important source of drinking water for Prague. The next stop is the town of Žďár nad Sázavou, where you will see the pilgrimage church of St. John of Nepomuk,
listed on the UNESCOs heritages. You will terminate this day in Olomouc.

Day 2 You will travel to the dam Dlouhé Stráně. Its 650 MW installed capacity makes it the largest pumped storage project in the Czech Republic. Further, you will go to see an earthfill dam Slezská Harta and the city of Ostrava, the capital of the Moravian – silesian region, located nearby the border with Poland.

Day 3 Explore the town Dolní Vítkovice, where you will visit the Mining Museum – Landek Park. The dam Šance, an earthfill dam witch clay core, and the dam Morávka the ACFED with geomembrane on the upstream face. At the end of the day you will return to city of Ostrava.

Day 4 On the last day of your travels you will see the town Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, founded in the period of the first farming colonization in the 13th century. At around 12 o’clock you will go back to Prague.

Time schedule

Detailed information in a PDF document is available to download here.

ST B – Prague – Český Krumlov

Departure: 08:30

Day 1 After the departure from Prague you will first visit of the concrete gravity dam Orlík. Next you will take a boat trip on the Orlík reservoir and then visit the château Orlík located above the water. At the end of the day you will finish in the town Český Krumlov.
Day 2 On the second day you will start at the Lipno Dam, which is located on the upper part of the river Vltava. Lipno is the largest reservoir in terms of flooded area in the Czech Republic. It is a very popular recreational area with many facilities for summer and winter sports. Later you will go back to Český Krumlov, a small medieval town in South Bohemia, which is on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage sites. You will visit the castle
and its interiors.
Day 3 The third day you will go to the famous southern Moravian city Telč with the monumental 17th century castle. After you will visit Dalešice dam and Dukovany village, where you can see the Nuclear Power Station. At the end of the day you will continue to Valtice. 
Day 4 On the last day you will travel from Valtice to Vranov Dam and than you will visit Lednice – Valtice cultural landscape in English neo- gothic style surrounded by beautiful gardens. You will stay overnight in Valtice, a city with a rich history of winning landmarks inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Day 5 On the fifth day you will return to Prague during the morning.


Time Schedule

Detailed information in a PDF document is available to download here.


ST C – Prague – Harrachov – Hradec Králové

Departure: 08:30

Day 1 On the first day you will be able to explore the earthfill dam Souš and Bílá Desná (collapsed in 1916). Later you will go to the town Harrachov – one of the most famous ski resorts in the Czech Republic in the middle of the beautiful nature.
Day 2 First you will visit Labská and the beautiful masonry dam Les Království, a national technical monument located in the forested valley of the river Elbe. It looks like a castle, and its name was borrowed from the neighboring former royal forest. The former Kuks hospital, now a castle with a church and a crypt built in the
beginning of the 17th century. At the end of the day you will see in the city of Hradec Králové.
Day 3 On the last day you will visit a small village Veselý Kopec, known for its open-air museum of folk architecture and crafts. At last you will explore the concrete gravity dam Seč. Your journey will finish with the return to Prague.