Invitation from the President of ICOLD

Dear ICOLD members, dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, 

On behalf of ICOLD I’m delighted to invite delegates from the National Committees of the International Commission of Large Dams (ICOLD) and specialists and experts working in the field of dams and reservoirs as well as their accompanying persons to the 85th Annual Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, which will take place from 3 – 7 July in 2017.

The region of Czech Republic has a very long history in dam development. Since the Middle Age, dams were built to ensure water supply and power. Some of the historical reservoirs are still operated today and have become natural reserves.

The participants of the 85th Annual Meeting in Prague will have the chance to discuss in the Symposium on July 5 the topic of “Knowledge based Dam Engineering”. Furthermore, current issues will be addressed in several special workshops including the workshops of the ICOLD technical committees. The outcomes of the symposium and the workshops will without doubt contribute to the governing long-term mission of ICOLD which is “Better dams for a better world”. 

In view of our challenge to further develop this century’s dams and reservoirs worldwide, which will be also urgently required to mitigate the negative effects of climate change, I encourage you to come to the 85th Annual Meeting in Prague in July 2017, not only for discussing the emerging professional and socio-economic issues and but also to meet the ICOLD family. As ICOLD president I’m convinced that the Czech National Committee on Large Dams will ensure a high quality technical content for the meeting and an attractive social and accompanying person’s programme in the beautiful, historical capital of the Czech Republic.  The delegates will also have the possibility to discover several wonderful regions with historical and cultural heritage during the study tours.

I’m looking forward to welcome the ICOLD family, old members or newcomers, in Prague! 

Prof. Dr. Anton J. Schleiss
President, International Commission on Large Dams - ICOLD